Salts - All of Sabrosa's Seasoned Sea Salts are KOF-K Certified, PARVE and Gluten Free.
The idea behind Sabrosa’s finishing salts is quite simple – to finish any dish with greater intensity of flavor and to add a unique texture.

When used properly, a good finishing salt is the unifying element that marries our food and condiments in the meals we prepare.

All of Sabrosa’s salts use artisan sel gris, or “grey salt”, which is rich in trace minerals and thereby lower in sodium content. The salt used by Sabrosa is not a mass produced salt but one that is hand harvested using centuries-old Celtic methods.

Seawater is circulated through hand dug ponds and then solar evaporated by the sun and wind until crystals form. From June to September the paludier (salt harvester) gently pushes and pulls a long wooden rake across the clay pond to harvest the salt from the bottom. Careful precision is used so as not to disturb the clay bottom or step into the salt pond, thereby dirtying the salt.

The salt used by Sabrosa comes from the Guerande region of France and has the Nature et Progrès certification which ensures the quality and purity of the salt and guarantees the salts are made from pristine sea water and are free from pollution or contaminants. Additionally, there are no anti-caking or free flowing additives in the salt used by Sabrosa.
Price: $9.95
HOPE SALT - Pink Himalayan
Sabrosa Salt Company, in partnership with the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund of CNY, Inc., will donate proceeds from the sale of each jar of Hope Salt to fund breast cancer research. Together We Will Find A Cure.

Suggestions for use:
- Vegetables, Salads, Eggs, Fish, Chicken, Beef & Rice
Price: $10.95
Aged Applewood is smoked low and slow with flaky Pacific sea salt to create Sabrosa's Applewood Smoked Salt. The result is an amazing balanced, savory flavor.

Suggestions for use:
- Fish, Seafood, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Salads & Vegetables
Price: $9.95
The Guerande Grey Salt is the finest French grey sea salt. Hand harvested and dried naturally by the sun and wind, it has an extraordinary mineral content and a clean, pure taste.

Suggestions for use:
- Vegetables, Salads, Eggs, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Fish & Seafood
Price: $9.95
Our most versatile blend, so delicious, it goes on everything! Use as a substitute for iodized table salt.

The finest sel gris (grey sea salt) from France blended with a subtle hint of natural herbs to enhance the flavor of any food.

Suggestions for use:
- Great finishing salt when sprinkled over vegetables, meats, fish/seafood and eggs.
- Outstanding on salads.
- Ideal for use as a rub on your favorite meats and poultry.
Price: $9.95
A nice herb blend accented with Rosemary, sage, and basil and our robust grey sea salt to lend a hearty Italian flavor to any dish.

Suggestions for use:
- Add to your favorite pasta and pizza.
- Great on tomatoes, salads, vegetables, beef and chicken.

Price: $9.95
Our sel gris combined with cumin and cinnamon for a sharp, nutty, peppery tang softened with a subtle cinnamon finish.

Suggestions for use:
- Ideal on sweet potatoes, hummus and cauliflower.
- Excellent with pork, chicken and lamb.
- Kick up the flavor and add to your favorite citrus based marinades.
Price: $9.95
Add a bold and spicy kick with this savory barbecue finishing salt.

Suggestions for use:
- Use as a finishing salt to boost the flavor of your barbequed favorites.
- Sprinkle on ground beef when making hamburgers and meatloaf.
Price: $9.95
White pepper, cayenne powder, red pepper flakes and a dash of ginger combined with other spices and our sel gris to add a bit of sweet peppery heat to your meal.

Suggestions for use:
- Great on French fries, chili and vegetables.
- Sprinkle on crab, shrimp, and beef.
- Add a pinch to cream cheese and spread on a cracker.

Price: $9.95
Pepper spices and paprika combined with our sel gris for a warm flavor finished with a light touch of garlic and thyme.

Suggestions for use:
- Ideal as a finishing salt for seafood and fish soup.
- Savory on roasted brussels sprouts, beans and potatoes.

Price: $9.95
Dill with a pinch of lemon peel and other spices blended with our sel gris for a light zesty flavor.

Suggestions for use:
- Ideal on fish, crab cakes, chicken, lamb chops and vegetables.
- Enjoy on a baked potato, steamed asparagus and roasted peppers.